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We are two sisters united by passion and enthusiasm to promote integral female well-being in the Hispanic community. Like you, we have experienced joys, sadness, illusions, disappointments, love and heartbreak. Our lives have been full of challenges that we have won and others that we have lost. All this has encouraged us to undertake the search for our own well-being through self-discovery, acceptance on a personal level and learning with the aim of understanding and improving the aspects that directly and indirectly influence our lives.

We are aware that this is not an easy path, but the determination and support that we offer each other allows us to move forward on a daily basis and with constancy. As our parents say, "at a slow but steady pace."

Join us and start this journey with us!


Leidy - Co-Founder and Project Manager

I direct the projects and initiatives related to promoting the good development and effectiveness of Generation Eve.

I like to constantly learn and thus grow personally, academically and at work. I love philosophy, psychology and everything related to human behavior.

One of my favorite activities is spending the afternoon with my family walking in the middle of nature.

As a community, I want us to support each other and encourage others to promote the integral female well-being, since this has been a historically forgotten topic.

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Stephany - Co-Founder and Marketing & Page Design Manager

I direct the activities related to the contents of the website and Digital Marketing to achieve the fulfillment of our objectives.

On a personal level I seek improvement and constant learning, at the same time I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, while also learning from them.

During my free time I love to read and write. I make the most of my family's company, so much so that we have a day destined to watch movies together.

I am very happy to promote the integral feminine well-being and to belong to this beautiful community.

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